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15Years ChangFu garment production experience3The set of solutions to solve uniform custom problemProfessional equipmentThe senior team
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  • 2Version to design personnel to provide professional clothing3Set of design scheme for free
  • 3We solemnly promise:Goods after such as occurrence quality problem100%Maintenance services

Custom hotline18929155476

Dongguan zhijun hao garments co., LTD
Dongguan zhijun hao garments co., LTD

Custom hotline:18929155476

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  • A professional tailor
  • Luxury clothing:

    15Solid years senior designers
    The cutting3Set of design schemeOptional

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    Fixed template bearing

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  • Professional material
  • Luxury clothing:

    According to the garment features to choose suitable materialsFabrics absorb sweat、Not the ball、The vertical resistance

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    Choose high profit fabrics

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  • Work better
  • Luxury clothing:

    Advanced digital tailoring sewing equipmentWireless head、Sewing straight

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    The traditional equipment,After-sale guarantee

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The three major reasons

    Customers work clothes ChangFu custom service experienceHundreds of customized service experience

  • 15Years of professional experience in garment customization;
  • Aerospace science and industry、Hon hai、Huawei group, etcHundreds of customersService experience。

    High quality products+High-quality serviceQuality products + quality service

  • Professional clothing version of typeDesigner、Tailor-made3You can choose any set of solutions;
  • The international leadDigital tailoring sewing equipment。

    Perfect after-sale processPerfect after-sale process

  • Suit under the washing as required,The foaming phenomenon in a one year,The company unconditionallyReplace the product
  • Goods has not qualified products,All the company responsibility,Can be fixedFree to modify or redo,Product return don't fit within a week。

Custom hotline:18929155476

Introduction to tzu chi hao

Dongguan zhijun hao garments co., LTD., focusing on the uniform、Business attire、The uniform、Advertising clothing、Outdoor clothing、Baseball cap、Advertising cap processing and custom!The products include:Various industries overalls、Business attire、A suit、A shirt、T-shirts、TT-shirt、POLOUnlined upper garment, and so on!Engaged in garment processing and custom more than 10 years,Have good reputation in the industry,Based on the good reputation and quality services and products in a steady and rapid development,In overalls uniform laid the industry's dominant position,The work of many enterprises become the long-term stability of the supplier!...

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