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The name of the company:Weifang source environmental protection technology co., LTD
The mailbox:wfryhbkj@163.com
Address:Shandong weifang kuiwen district, weifang diesel state road east,Phoenix street south,The southeastern corner a row of number one

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The name of the company:Weifang source environmental protection technology co., LTD
Address:Shandong weifang kuiwen district, weifang diesel state road phoenix street
Contacts:Xu manager
The mailbox:wfryhbkj@163.com
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Weifang source environmental protection technology co., LTD is located in weifang city, shandong province,Is a collection of considerable strength and potential energy development、Development、Production、Sales and service in one of the chemical enterprise,Alcohol-based fuel mainly engaged in the business、Auto power oil、Combustion engine、Exhaust cleaner and other chemical products,The company has alcohol oil production equipment、Form a complete set of chemical equipment、Special storage tank and highly qualified technical personnel,With chemical industry,Especially the chemical reagent for many years the production and business operation of operators,Perfect and complete quality inspection system,Have strong ability of productivity and operation。Over the years with our modern management, and high precision end products won the praise of the broad masses of customers and affirmation,Scope of business throughout the country。
Warmly welcome customers all over the world、New and old friends to visit、To discuss cooperation、Gather together、Common development!
Common problems
  • How much do you know about the alcohol-based fuel?

    Alcohol-based fuel is with alcohol(Such as methanol、Ethanol、 Butanol, etc)Material as the main body configuration of fuel。It is a liquid or solid The form of。It is also a kind of biomass energy,And nuclear power、Solar energy、Wind energy、Hydraulic energy,Governments is currently promoting environmental protection of clean energy;In the face of petrochemical energy dried up,Is one of the most potential new alcohol-based fuels Alternative energy sources,By the national organization of all ages。Alcohol-based fuel production comes easily,You can get like wine in the future。

  • What types of new energy in the future?

    Wave energy:The ocean wave energy。This is a kind of inexhaustible,Inexhaustible pollution-free renewable energy。According to speculation,Ocean waves of electric energy as much as on the earth9×104TW。In the national new energy development plan,Wave energy utilization has its place。Although the wave energy power generation cost is higher,Need to further improve,But progress has been showed that this new energy potential commercial value。Japan ocean wave energy plant has run8Years,Power plant power generation cost is higher than other power generation methods,But for outlying islands,Can save investment expenses such as power transmission。The United States、The British、Countries such as India has built dozens of wave energy power station,And all work well。

  • New energy development overview

    New energy generally refers to the new technology on the basis of the development and utilization of renewable energy,Including solar energy、Biomass energy、Wind power、Geothermal energy、Wave energy、Can and tidal currents,And between the sea surface and deep thermal cycle, etc;In addition,And the hydrogen、Methane gas、Alcohol、Methanol, etc,And has the extensive use of coal、The oil、Natural gas、Water power Such as energy,Known as the conventional energy sources。With the limitations of conventional energy and the environment problem increasingly prominent,For environmental protection and renewable characteristics of new energy is more and more get the attention of the countries。

  • On new energy oil

    The so-called new energy on the market,Hydrogen fuel oil,Composite oil and so on,Are all the same thing,Name is different,A kind of fuel oil is mainly methanol blending,Also called alcohol-based fuels,Methanol fuel。It is mainly used for catering hotel,The school,The dining room of the factory,Industrial boiler drying,The bathroom and so on,As for the household and car is not very mature。This in itself is not illegal,Now the country attaches great importance to the development of new energy,In some places is the government to promote development。Methanol in security,The economy·Sex and operational were superior to liquefied petroleum gas。Is also a trend in the future。