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  Henan people's livelihood in special equipment co., LTD2005Founded in the portion of the Chinese people's liberation army (PLA),Mainly engaged in electromagnetic shielding products and explosion isolation products research and production。Company is a class a classified the state secrecy bureau qualification units、National high and new technology enterprise、National library of technology-based smes,Defense department workers recommended enterprise bureau of the people join the army;Electromagnetic protection engineering technology research center of henan province、Luoyang electromagnetic protection engineering technology research center、Luoyang all electromagnetic protection enterprise research and development center set up in the company。   At present,The company has independent intellectual property rights52Items,The invention patent11Items,A number of products to fill the domestic blank in this field。 …...

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The development course

Fourteen years of development

Fourteen years to grow

Classified research and production of the product

The advantage of military industry research,And cooperation with scientific research institutes in the people's liberation army developed a number of high-tech products in the field of classified。

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