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Chengdu big sen petrochemical co., LTD

       Chengdu sen petrochemical co., LTD., established in2013Years,Give priority to with warehouse and sales all kinds of high quality fuel oil,Through the national registered。The company all qualified,Strong,Special tanker10Vehicles,Annual sales amount5More than ten thousand tons,Ensure that any user24Hours to oil,24-hour after-sales service,At the same time the company has a month oil supply10000Tons of ability,Depot to store all the year round8000Tons,Oil depot in railway private sidings,To train car transport across the country。Welcome friends all over the country advisory cooperation!
       The company's main products:Fuel oil mixing floor、Various blending fuel oil、Rubber factory、I was in aromatic oil、Waterproofing materials factory for oil、Waterproofing materials from viscous oil、With light fuel boiler、Ceramics factory、Glass factory、The copper plant、Aluminum plant fuel oil、Explosives special compound wax、High temperature coal tar、Medium temperature coal tar、Modified asphalt rubber filling oil,Reclaimed rubber for oil。My company deals in various products by sichuan province and technical supervision ZhiJianChu analysis,Accord with national technology standard。Pass in gansu province(Lanzhou)、Chengdu、Fuzhou、Hangzhou、Shanghai、Chongqing、Beijing、Zhangjiakou......

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  • Good service attitude

    Service to every customer,Meet the requirements of each customer。

  • Product quality assurance

    Every product is production,Please customers at ease use。

  • The complete after-sales service

    We not only provide customers high quality products,Provide high quality service。

  • Advanced production equipment

    All production equipment is the professional equipment,Only to produce high quality products。

  • Exquisite production technology

    All production technology mature technology to the industry。

  • A large number of customers demand

    A steady stream of customers,Because our services and products is deeply trusted by customers。

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  • Xu

    Big sen petrochemical's always modest,The need for us to give the good advice,Provide products of high quality,Service trustworthy,Will continue to cooperation in the future!

  • A total

    Find a lot of petrochemical enterprises in chengdu,Only big sen petrochemical service effect to my satisfaction,Large petrochemical,Is forever cooperation enterprise。

  • Mr.wong

    The first cooperation with big sen petrochemical,Surprisingly good,Large petrochemical LTD is a high quality,Will continue to find a big sen petrochemical seek win-win cooperation!

  • Hu

    Large petrochemical,Good business,Trustworthy,Very satisfied with the overall cooperation,Thanks to big sen petrochemical the high quality service!

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