Lightning protection information

  • Computer network system of lightning strike battery pulse harm2015-01-12
  • (A)Computer network system has its own source lines caused by lightning electromagnetic pulse 1)Ground lightning point for the power supply circuit or circuit static induction and lightning electromagnetic induction,Thunder and lightning electromagnetic pulse along the road into the network equipment in the form of overvoltage and overcurrent,Cause of computer network systemUPSDamage of the power supply,The whole system

  • Electrons、Electrical system lightning damage characteristics2015-01-04
  • With the development of science and technology,Electrons、Electrical system industry has become a pillar industry of a country。Electrons、An important part of the electrical system including communication equipment、The computer、Control and instrumentation system、Radio systems and other electronic equipment。Although electrons、Electrical system has powerful function,But its important component

  • All common areas(Under)2014-12-23
  • 21Area:Normal run time,Probably accidentally in the form of combustible dust in the air of cloud exists in explosive environment in place。 1)When the dust container internal explosive dust/When air mixture,In order to operate and frequent move or open the nearby to go out into the dust container external sites; 2)When did not take to prevent the explosion

  • All common areas(On)2014-12-19
  • 0Area:Tank of liquid surface。 1Area:Oxygen station catalytic reactor;Hydrogen gas cylinder valves;Hydrogen and oxygen;With explosion danger room;Between the generator of acetylene station;Acetylene between compression、Bottling、Electroslag stone pit;Acetone library;Paint shop;Between the underground storage in paint。 2Area:Acetylene station、Acetylene cylinder repair、Dry

  • Explosive gas and dust22Divide2014-12-18
  • In most cases,22The zone will be formed with explosive dust/Air mixture environment about the source of the review to determine。 Formed by the release of source places also depends on some parameters of the dust,Such as dust、The traffic、Particle size and material of the humidity。 Usually,21The area around around or release source1

  • Dangerous environment with explosive gas and explosive dust partition2014-12-17
  • A、Explosive material Explosives:Of RDX、Flexor son、TNT、Picric acid、Ammonium nitrate explosive, and so on; Gunpowder:Single-base smokeless powder、Double-base smokeless powder、Black powder、Nitrocellulose、Nitroglycerin, etc; The diffculties:Fulminating、Nitride lead, etc; Initiating explosive device:The fuse、Detonator、Cap, etc。 2、Partition standard 1)

  • Back flashover and the introduction of high voltage caused by damage2014-12-16
  • 1)Back flashover is refers to the acceptance of the lightning current metal objects(Lightning protection device、Metal components and so on)On the flash moment with the earth between the high voltageU,This voltage to the other metal objects, which is connected with the stroke(The flashover)The phenomenon。This phenomenon sometimes occurs between trees and houses and metal objects。 Production

  • Lightning damage(2)2014-12-15
  • 3、Lightning current mechanical effect caused by the damage Lightning current through a conductor generates a magnetic field。With lightning current in the conductor in the magnetic field will be affected by the effect of electromagnetic force。The ampere's law,For two parallel conductors by currenti1Andi2、Spacing ford、Of lengthLWires were force to: If you assume that ray

  • Lightning damage(A)2014-12-12
  • A lightning flashover process,Is the thundercloud release of energy in the process,The flashover path for storm clouds to the ground at the bottom of stroke,Main energy release time of about tens of microseconds,The lightning current dozens to hundreds of thousands of Ann,The most about400KAThe left and right sides,Electric potential difference can reach tens of thousands of volts,It is this

  • The selectivity of a lightning strike2014-12-11
  • When the lightning stroke,For ground lightning is selective,Fully understand the characteristics of thunder and lightning,For direct lightning protection is of great significance。 Based on large amount of ray harm accident statistics and experimental study,The factors caused by lightning strike selectivity have four aspects: A、The geological structure factors,That, too

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